Back in action!

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10 months since my last post!?! Yeesh, you’d think that I could at least get something posted once a month. I guess its not like I haven’t been busy- Mentoring with the Sproutel team at Betaspring on their incredible Jerry the Bear product, put out a really fun (if not entirely successful) Kickstarter campaign, set-up a social media infrastructure for Go Go Dynamo, and all the fun stuff that comes through DynamoDevLabs and still made some time on Wednesday nights at the Close Quarters space to get a new ‘Hex’ version of ModiBot built, debugged and onto Shapeways. The best part is that there are a lot of surprises that will be on the way by years end. Wooo-hooo!

Here’re some pics of a bevy of ModiBot parts I’ve built since December. Rebuilt and republished the Xevoz-compatible ModiBot X, the new Hex model, and lots of new accessories-


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