So, there’s this guy who grew up liking comics and Speed Racer and a million other pop-cultury things.

He liked them so much he wanted to make some of his own pop-cultury things.

So, he learned how to do it, got a job doing it, and just kept learning until he knew so much about how it was done, that he actually forgot WHY to do it.

This is where that guy plays with ideas and tries to remember where he laid his Plastronic Duomorpher or whatever-the-heck you call it.



2 responses to “Blurb”

  1. jim says :

    Why is the height of the bots a secret???????????????????

    • KidMechano says :

      The height of the figure is approximately 5 inches. Sometimes the printed figures vary versus the molded figures on

      No secret, but no single definitive answer.

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