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Girls Rock Coloring Book Update

Got an email from Jeanette Numbers today that the ‘Women Who Rock’ Coloring Book that I contributed to is selling like CRAZY. The cool part is that my illo is featured heavily in the promo video for the book. It was featured on NPR in an interview with Cyndi Lauper.

Here’s a couple of stills from the video, which you can catch on YouTube. The book itself is selling on Etsy and goes to a great cause. Really great to see a kid coloring it.


Grrls Rock!!

Some of my friends Jeanette and Jen volunteer their time with Girls Rock Rhode Island. Its a great cause and seems to have really gained some momentum over the last couple years. I always dig seeing their posters in the spring. Nice stuff.

This year their doing a special sort of fund raiser and they asked if I had time to contribute an illo to the cause. I started out thinking I would actually do it in analog, but soon decided that it would be better with a graphical motif (which is oh so much easier in Photoshop).

Its not often that I get to choose my subject matter, so this was pretty fun. I chose Meg White as the subject. She’s a helluva drummer and just the sort of role model that you can get behind. I just wish they were still putting out albums.

Anyway, check out the illo and keep an eye out for a collection of rock-themed works from local RI artists to be published this holiday season. I’ll try to update as I hear more details. I’m sure I’ll buy a couple for the kids and their cousins.

You can check it out here.