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ModiBot at Maker Faire New York: Flash back to year 1

ModiBot at Maker Faire New York in 2013- Featuring a rare shot of the 16 inch ModiBot Mo on display as we were starting to set up the booth.

This was the first event that we sold Mo kits to the public and was about 2 weeks before we started shipping the first batch of figures.

We spoke to a lot of great folks at the show and there was a lot of interest from STEM and STEAM educators, looking at ModiBot’s great mixture of new tech and creative expression.

ModiBot at Maker Faire


Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire | Celebrate New England DIY

Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire | Celebrate New England DIY

Universal connector system

Universal Connector System. I’ve always loved the idea behind this. Its the Ultimate builder’s toolkit, allowing you to mix and match between any construction build system. (I still think he might be missing a few good ones)

Help bring ModiBot Mo to life at Kickstarter!


Help us raise the money for our first production run of Mo figure chassis’ and get some great swag!

Click above or go to our Kickstarter page to check it out.

ModiBot Moli female figure kits revealed @Kickstarter

ModiBot Moli female Figure Kits @Kickstarter

Go, Go, Mo! Let’s keep spreading the word!

We’re at 38% of our funding goal at almost 3 days in. ModiBot Mo on Kickstarter. Pick your favorite color figure color and add your choice of a 3d printed hero accessory sets- starting at $26.  

3d printing & digital delivery- designing a new retail and distribution model

Got a chance to chat with Ethan Lowry over at the HackThingsBlog.

Talked a bit about printing, Maker Faire, and why making more of a good thing isn’t always better.


Kickstarter video sneak peek

Countdown to ModiBot Kickstarter! Hoping to go live with lots of fun kits on Tuesday

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the fun characters available.




Bay Area Maker Faire and Make: Hardware Innovation Works

We’ll be speaking about ModiBot, the role of Making and guerrilla product development in the current ‘free agent’ economy. Come build some ‘bots at the conference or bring the kids and come see us at Bay Area Maker Faire on May 18th and 19th!

DevLabs site update featuring Mo

We’ve finally updated the home page for our DevLabs site!  All the work we’ve been doing on ModiBot and exploring the realm of 3d printing has left very little time for house keeping. Nice to see ModiBot covered on the front page, now and a little bit of discussion about how ModiBot fits into the […]