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Vs. Battle! ModBot vs Uncube!

All this focus on Modi and I forgot the cute little Uncube that came from Ponoko the other day. The material seems fairly durable, but the wall thickness feels like it might be prone to breakage at the edges.

This was a fun ‘sketch’, but I think I need much more ‘Un-‘ in my Uncube. I’ve got a few more sketches that i want to explore. I keep coming back to a concept that houses swatches of different 2d materials- like cut felt, cork or magazine clippings or whatever. That might be a fun item to test and perfect using Ponoko since they have both 2d and 3d capability.


Uncube start

I’ve been kicking around an idea for a minimalist set of blocks. Not just low detail (like all blocks already are, I suppose), but low material usage as well.

I guess the goal is to see how little surface area you need for them to still be easily stackable by a child. Here’s a couple of my first shots. Both are pretty fun, but they’ve already sparked some ideas about reducing material while increasing stackable surface.

I ordered a couple from Ponoko and threw up a KidMechano shop to see if I can sell a couple.  We’ll see if they show up any faster than the ModiBot

parts I ordered from Shapeways (which were supposed to be here last week! Arggh!)