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Character design template for download

Character Design Template for ModiBot Mo figure kit

Evey great story is built upon the foundation of great characters, but memorable characters don’t just grow on trees, they are crafted to tell that specific story that is held within them. The prospect of their personal growth and subsequent adventures are hidden there just below the surface, built into their DNA.

Character design is something that is learned over time and isn’t just about how a character looks, signature gear or what traits they display under pressure. To find a place in your heart, a character needs to take on a life of their own. A life which might in fact be much more exotic and vibrant than the life of their own creator.

At its core, character design is about making smart decisions early in the process and continuing to ‘taste’ those decisions and how they play our across the landscape of your story. ModiBot was made as a tool for designers and storytellers to craft their own characters and stories on top of.

I’ve attached below a simple tool, a design template, to help you take the first steps in crafting your own epic adventure starring a character of your own design. The template isn’t the answer, like ModiBot it is just a tool to help you play with and express your own unique ideas. Think about like a playground for your ideas.

So, scribble, doodle, tinker, draw over top of Mo, and scratch out what you don’t like. Do it a million times. Its not meant to be perfect. Its meant to be a process. Have fun with it!

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Character design template



The Illy Espresso Capsule Rocket Stove

Ever since I heard of a rocket stove, I’ve wanted to build one. Essentially, its a hyper-efficient way of cooking using minimal fuel, basically twigs. Pretty amazing. So, when I saw the Illy coffee capsules at L’Artisan Cafe next to Modmama (shameless plugs), I figured it was a great way to salvage some trash and see if I could build one.

Generally, it didn’t take long. The hardest part was cutting the canister in a controlled-enough way so the fits were nice and tight (still not as nice as I was hoping). Its great to have it finished, but the anti-climactic part of the equation is that it uses ashes, yes ashes, as an insulation medium. So now to try it out, I either have to burn the hell out of some wood over the winter or figure out who I can mooch some ashes from. Guessing that getting them to save them for me will be harder part.

So, if you know anyone with a lot of excess ashes, send them my way.

Knife (Machete)

Finished a knife the other night. Pretty pleased with how it turned out, but… I just put it in context to the figure. Pretty damn big.

Sooo, I suppose its a bit more like an Appleseed tactical ‘sword’ or machete at this point. Still had fun doing it.